Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Haunted Hassayampa Inn

Hassayampa Inn
Welcome to the Hassayampa Inn, built in 1927 when the previous hotel (Hotel Congress) burned down and when hundreds of citizens bought shares in the project to build first-class lodging in downtown Prescott.  

The year it opened, its most famous legend was made.  The story goes... a very young bride named Faith Summers checked into a balcony suite with her much older husband. Faith's husband went out to buy cigarettes and never returned.  Faith walked the halls and lobby waiting for his return. After three days Faith took her own life by hanging herself from the flag pole on her balcony outside her room...or so the story goes.

When the hotel staff allowed me to visit Faith's room, I had several things happen to me that confirmed that Faith or someone's presence was in that room.  Room 426 and it can be rented.  Are you brave enough to stay there?

I would also like to share the adventure that my friend wrote about her stay in Faith's room.  Debe Branning - Haunted Hassayampa Inn 

I've done hundreds of tours in Prescott and always take the group into the lobby of this beautiful hotel.  Have "ghostly" things happened to me while on the tours? Definitely YES!!!  So many things from knowing when the "Night Watchman" is close by, being tapped on the shoulder by "Silas" a miner who died in the fire of the previous hotel, to stories that guests at the hotel have told me.  I share these and many more stories on my tour.  To find out more about the upcoming tours, please check out my website at:  A Haunting Experience Tours

Darlene Wilson
Owner and Tour guide

To find out more about the beautiful and haunted Hassayampa Inn check out their website:  Hassayampa Inn