Thursday, March 17, 2016

Prescott Center for the Arts

Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Rectory.  Built in the 1890s and in 1895 Fr. Alfred Quetu came to Prescott to minister to the local Native Americans. He set out to build a new church at a cost of approximately $6000. The first services were on February 17, 1895.

Father Quetu's assistent, Father Claessen died of typhoid fever and at that time it was custom to be buried under the church altar, which may have happened with Father Claessen.

The last religious services was in June1969 and then sold to Prescott Fine Arts Association. before taking over the facilities, one thing had to be handled and that was removing Fr. Claessen's remains and have him reburied. However, it was discovered that Fr. Claessen's remains were not under the altar...his corpse is still missing. There is an article dated June 2901 that he is buried beside the grave of Reverend Michael Murphy and later a monument was was dedicated in his memory. Where is the monument today?  No one knows.

Now known as Prescott Center for the Arts it is haunted. Many people have experienced various ghostly encounters. One is the cleaning lady who arrives early in the mornings before anyone else is there. In the main theater she has heard a voice calling her name over and over. When sweeping the dressing rooms out she has seen her name written in the dust pile by the door. 

A shadow has been seen floating effortlessly in front of a painted prop. One of the plays called for a bar scene and as the stage crew was setting it up, two glasses flew in the air and crashed to the floor. The crew left for the day.

Several people have seen shadows move across the upper part of the proscenium. Others have heard a children's choir singing. Scripts have been moved and found in different places. But the most unsettling haunts are by one female ghost who likes to play with the office copier and three male ghosts believed to be Father Alfred, Father Michael and Father Edmund. 

Prescott Center for the Arts has a yearly event called Prescott Ghost Talk where Arizona legends come alive! The enactment of historic ghostly folklore focuses on true stories and urban legends passed down through the years. 

With the sound effects and mixture of haunted house eerie surroundings, you never know who might show up at the performance. 

To hear more of the stories of the Prescott Center for the Arts and many others contact A Haunting Experience Tours and make your reservation or purchase tickets.