Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hotel Vendome is a special, beautiful and welcoming place to stay

Hotel Vendome ~ 1917
The haunted Hotel Vendome has a book of stories about the different haunts in the lobby. One story - a lady didn't like her bed sheets tucked in at the end of the bed so she always pulls the sheets loose.  When she arrived at the Hotel Vendome and checked into Room 16 (Abby’s Room) she did the same thing she always does. The next morning when she woke up - her sheets were all tucked in.

The most famous ghosts at the Hotel Vendome is Abby and her cat Noble in Room 16.  There is an old dress hanging in the closet in that room and the dress has been known to move from one side of the closet to the other.  Others have heard a cat meowing in the closet, where the cat died.  People have reported being touched by unseen presences.  Hearing or feeling Noble jump up on the bed.  Footsteps have been heard in Room 16 when no one is there...or I should say, no human is in the room.

To hear these stories and more, things that I have experienced myself, join me on my haunted tours.  What will you experience?  Are you brave enough to stay in Room 16 at the Hotel Vendome?  

Darlene Wilson
Owner and Tour Guide

The Hotel Vendome is such a beautiful and welcoming place to stay.  Each room has their own special decor, some with claw-foot tubs and others with a garden tub.  The room includes a continental breakfast, it's located a block from the Courthouse Square, shops and wonderful restaurants.  To treat yourself to a wonderful experience, stay in the Hotel Vendome.  


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